Great Cheat Codes for GTA 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 was developed by DMA Design, and it is known as being the first installment of the series that comes with a fully three-dimensional living city with open environments and non-linear gameplay.

Of course, this is not the only amazing part of the game, since there are also some quite interesting additional features such as a cast of hundreds of different characters, more than 50 types of vehicles, three hours of professionally recorded music, and a huge array of deadly street weapons.

However, besides the features that Grand Theft Auto 3 comes with all regular players are used to taking advantage of the cheats for GTA 3 that are available for downloading online. The GTA III cheats appear as codes and when they are typed it they offer different extra features.


In case you are a beginner you should first play the game as it is and then try one of the cheats for GTA 3 and complete the mission faster and more successfully.

In order to give you a hand, here are a list of cheats for GTA 3 compiled from various sources that might help you to get past those frustrating villains. If you want to make these GTA III cheats function, all you must do is to type in the code listed below anytime during the game. If you entered the code correctly, you would be able to see the message “Cheat Activated.”

However, there is something you must know about these cheats for GTA III. You don’t have to enter a code once, since they can be entered multiple times. Therefore, if you keep typing “gunsgunsguns,” you will receive more ammunition as well as all guns.

Must-Use GTA 3 Cheats

Full health

This is one of the cheats for GTA III that many players prefer. All you have to do is enter the code, wait for the information to tell you that the code was correct and begin playing.  For example, these GTA 3 cheats enable “Full health” code to extinguish your car if it is on fire. Not only that, but it appears that this code also repairs your car and this is not the only thing these GTA III cheats for health can do, but you will have to discover the rest yourself.

All weapons

As you probably want to know there are cheats for GTA III that give you more weapons. They can be used just like the others, by typing the right codes and they differ, depending on what features do you want exactly.

Better driving skills


There are some interesting cheats that might look appealing for all of you.  For example, there are codes that will make it so your car will never tip. Also every car will have hydraulics which will enable it jump 15 feet in the air over other cars

Weather and Speed up time

Some of the players are very interested in the GTA 3 cheats that refer to the weather and time, not because they make the game more challenging but because they make it funnier. So they choose to change the weather making it rainy or foggy, as well as to speed up or slow down time.

Drive a Blown-Up Car

There are some cheats for GTA 3 that seem unbelievable, but they make the game even more interesting than it already is. For example, you have the possibility to drive a blown-up car, but as soon as you are in the car, enter the Health Code in order to extinguish the flame. It might not work the first time, so keep trying and eventually it will work.

These are just a short list of the many cheats for GTA 3 that you can download and use in order to create the best environment and have an amazing time while playing the game. Longer lists of GTA III cheats are available online, but these are some of the most spectacular of them all. All you must do is, as stated above, type the GTA 3 cheat codes correctly while playing the game, wait for the message to be sure you wrote the correct code and that is all.


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